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LLC “SMU-95″ renders services on installation, upgrading and repair of utility systems. Modern buildings have lots of utility systems, and their loads and requirements to these systems increase permanently. Use of modern technologies and comprehensive approach to their planning allow simplifying their structure, to increase their reliability and lifetime to a great extent and at the same time to minimize charges for routine maintenance and energy consumption for their operation.

Due to high qualification and experience of implementation of difficult projects, specialists of “SMU-95″ succeed in the performance of works for the setup of utility systems of any complexity level, including the following:

  • Systems:
    • Power supply systems;
    • Water supply systems;
    • Sewage systems;
    • Heating systems;
    • Ventilation systems;
    • Air conditioning systems;
  • Low current systems:
    • telephone systems;
    • local area networks;
    • fire alarm systems;
    • fire fighting systems;
    • smoke removal systems;
    • safety and video monitoring systems;
    • public address systems;
    • public clock systems;
    • door intercommunication systems;
    • access control systems;
    • structured cable systems.

It is possible to perform both certain stages of works on the setup of utility systems and the complete set of works. For power supply, water-supply, sewage and heating systems it includes:

  • Receipt of technical specifications;
  • Design of utility systems;
  • Setup of utility systems;
  • Conclusion of contracts with suppliers;
  • Maintenance.

If there are many low current systems in a building, their maintenance may appear to be quite difficult, and their control may appear to be inefficient. In this case, it is reasonable to use structured cable systems (SCS). They allow to integrate considerable part of low current systems (computer and telephone networks, safety systems, video monitoring systems, alarm systems, etc.) into a single infrastructure. SKS have the following advantages:

  • Centralized control system;
  • High rate information transfer;
  • Mutual integration of different services (e.g. computer network, telephone network and video monitoring system);
  • Easy network extension and upgrading;

Easy and universal connection of various equipment to any network node.