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LLC “SMU-95″ offers construction works of any complexity to be performed within a very short period.  “SMU-95″ has both special purpose construction equipment and highly skilled staff at its disposal. Moreover, for the performance of works SMU may engage subcontractors on a permanent basis. Specialists of “SMU-95″ use only high-quality building materials from reliable suppliers.


The list of works performed by “SMU-95″ includes the following:

  • Geodetic works,
  • Preparatory works:

◦      Clearing and development of the site,

◦      Demolition of structures,

◦      Laying temporary roads and communications,

  • Excavation works,
  • Masonry,
  • Pile works,
  • Installation and erection of reinforced concrete and concrete structures:

◦      Precast structures,

◦      Foundations of buildings, their underground parts,

◦      Building superstructures,

  • Erection of the building envelope,
  • Erection of steel structures,
  • Isolation works,
  • Roofing works,
  • Finishing works,
  • Floor boarding,
  • Sanitary engineering works,
  • Improvement of adjacent areas,
  • Setup of utility systems and communications :

◦      Outdoor works,

◦      Indoor works.


We can perform the complete set of construction works or their separate types. Moreover, we can continue to perform works interrupted for some reasons. Only dedicated experts are engaged to perform every type of works, and they have all necessary machinery and equipment at their disposal.


If you choose to take advantage of services of LLC “SMU-95″, your works will be performed by the reliable contractor having wide experience of implementation of difficult and large-scale projects.