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By selecting “SMU-95″ as the general contractor, the customer will give the construction management in the hands of experienced and competent professionals. To perform the work will be involved as our own production facilities, “SMU-95″ and the sub-contractors, the quality of the work is confirmed by long experience of cooperation.

Construction of residential buildings

house“SMU-95″ offers its services for execution of the construction works of any complexity in the shortest possible time. At the disposal of “SMU-95″ as a construction equipment and qualified personnel.

Construction of Shopping Centers

Perhaps as a full range of works on construction, and their individual species. Furthermore, already started may continue, but for some reason stopped jobs.


“SMU-95″ in addition to the construction of large-scale facilities and is also involved in the construction of private homes. The ever increasing demand for this service is due to the desire of many people to live in a separate house in ecologically clean area of the city.

Construction Equipment


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Highly qualified staff, the production base for manufacturing of building structures, high-performance construction and specialized equipment.